Saturday, June 27, 2015

PTS X: Sidetracked

It's Paint Table Saturday and an update on the painting of Fractured Dimensions' bodak should follow. For that to happen it would of course be necessary first to do some actual painting.

Funny how that works.

Instead, I found myself scrapping the base I was prepared to use and constructing something more to my liking. Having done this I prepped yet another mini and built a similar base for it.

Lots of pictures to follow in an effort to illustrate my hobby-meanderings:

The original base
Problem: Hem of robe not supported
The robe continues to defy gravity
L: old model, R: new and improved
Mini on new base
Base from rear
Robe now properly supported
The last of three base inserts
Sawing off top layer
After sawing
Some cork
Top section added
Red oxide paste and some grit
FD's Dispater has a new home
Rear view


  1. You continue to set an exemplary standard of miniature painting Finch, as I wouldn't have even noticed such a flaw as a cape narrowly missing the top of the base. Both figures look superb though and I can't wait to see them painted up to your stunning standard. Are you tempted to give your Dispater a Darth Maul paint scheme? Great posting, and joking aside, its this attention to detail which really makes your blog such an inspirational stand-out place for me to visit :-)

    1. Thank you so much.

      It's most likely red skin for Dispater so the Darth Maul look isn't out of the question I suppose. One thing for sure: his clothes should be flashy.

  2. Ha we all get distracted I'd say weekly over here! The new bases are great and suit there miniatures you've made them for top job :)

    1. Thanks Simon. The distractions snowballed. First one base, then another (plus the mini to go with it... and taking lots of WIP pics along the way... and posting). After priming these I decided that the second one needed some mica-gel like the first. While that was setting up I actually started prep work on a mini for Zomtober!

  3. Got to say that I'm really looking forward to eventually seeing that first miniature painted - it looks a stonkingly cool sculpt!

    1. Indeed, the bodak is very cool. It comes with two head options. I had to resist the urge to go with the other head as the one seen here is perfect for a conversion project I have in mind.