Saturday, January 23, 2016

PTS XIII: Blizzard of '16

Jonas from space

The latest storm of the century has arrived, the Garden State is officially under a state of emergency, and, between shoveling, some painting might actually happen.

The view from the corner

Bael and his lady-friend (or is that lady-fiend) have their colors blocked in and some of the highlighting done. The multiple-red color scheme seems to be coming together nicely while the outline for some freehand on Bael's cloak (a Bullhead glyph over an inverted cross) is in place.

Should be gold on red when done

Bottom line: limited progress since the last post. Now dear reader, If you'll excuse me, I should be off to the paint-cave.

Saturday, January 9, 2016

PTS XII: Devil Build & Color Test

The devil miniatures from the last post are ready for paint. There was much prep work and a multitude of small parts involved with these bad boys (and girl).

Lots o' parts
Wyrd's Lelitu caused unwanted headaches when I drilled clear through the front of the upper left arm while pinning her together. Hopefully a little green-stuff has provided an adequate remedy.

Fractured Dimensions' Bael is intended to be the center of attention here but as he's scarcely larger than the other minis he seemed at risk of being lost in the crowd. A 30mm base and a lot of cork went into elevating him both literally and figuratively.

The group currently:

Red-devil skintone experiments are ongoing. Reaper's Cinnamon Red (a new color provided as a free sample with a recent order) seems an interesting starting point. The picture below shows possible midtone/highlight combos. Shading will be handled with washes.

A/3 may be the winner.

Friday, January 1, 2016

The Year Ahead

Happy New Year to one and all! My gratitude to those who visited Minis by Finch last year and especially to those who left comments. Knowing that others, however few, take interest in this secluded backwater of the internet is a great motivator. Thank you so much.

The Holidays took their toll as my paint table was pressed into service as a Christmas wrapping-staging-area. No space = no prep = no paint = no posts. Happily things have returned to normal and while the painting machine is spooling back up it seems appropriate to lay out a mission-statement for the coming year.
  • The blog goes straight to Hell: A boatload of Fractured Dimensions stuff on hand and a commitment to paint for Mike at Mortal Arrow means we'll be spending some time on the lower planes in 2016. Pack your fire-retardant underwear.
  • It's a Wyrd, Wyrd, Wyrd world: Wyrd miniatures' new plastic stuff isn't half bad. That said, their sadly discontinued metals are much better. In 2015 I added a new range of foothills to Lead Mountain while gobbling up as many first edition minis as I could lay my grubby mitts on. Some of these will work their way into the rotation in 2016.
  • The bloom is off the rose: I've largely lost my taste for Kickstarters. Mr. Solarz at Center Stage Miniatures saw to that. I may, however, make an exception for Cauldron Born Miniatures' campaign if and when it goes live. 
  • The Muller-Man-Crush continues: It bears mentioning that much of the aforementioned Fractured Dimensions, Wyrd, and Cauldron Born stuff was sculpted by Paul Muller. What can I say? I'm a fan. 
  • Zombtober rocks!!: It's never too early to plan.
  • Lest we forget: Reaper's excellent Peryton (sculpted by someone not named Paul Muller, oddly enough) remains fully prepped but unpainted. That needs to change.
  • Fantasy Staples: I've painted some giants in the past but strangely no dragons. Can I paint one or both in 2016?
  • Outside the box: I really can paint non-fantasy subjects. Honest. Something to prove the point may be in order.
  • Conversions anyone?: Correct me if I'm wrong, but it's been a while since my last serious conversion project.
  • The Prime Directive: Have fun. This is a hobby, after all. 
  • Same time next year: The ramblings above are starting to look suspiciously like New Year's resolutions. Whatever they are, a re-visitation of the list next New Years Eve seems in order. 
So ends the stream of consciousness/blather portion of the program. I conclude with two pics; one of the overflow from last Zombtober's Red Ghoul Project, the other, a first look at Bael, Duke of Hell and his retinue. They barely qualify as work in progress pics but I need to start the new year somewhere.

One can never have too many red ghouls.

Lady devil arrived New Years Eve.  Went straight onto workbench.