Monday, February 24, 2014

The End is Nigh


This is where the Studio 2 Publishing Revenant stands at present. As with my other recent undead, I mixed in a lot of grey throughout to achieve a desaturated look.

Not much left to do except a few touch-ups and the base after which he will be enshrined as The Fiend Folio Project's newest member.

Also nearing completion is CSM's ToHC II Kickstarter; a potential treasure trove of heretofore unseen Fiend Folio Minis. Caterwaul, Blindheim, Disenchanter, Crabman, Gryph, Volt. Reads like my FF wishlist. Definitely worth a look-see for anyone whose taste in minis tends towards the old school.

If that failed to sway you, check out these flumphs, sculpted by Enos Kline. The one on the right is from ToHC I and the one on the left from ToHC II.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Paint Table Saturday II: Postcards from Siberia

If it's Saturday it must be time to lament how little I've done hobby-wise of late. Weather's been crap, work's been busy (in part because the weather's been crap), had a bit of a cold (likely due to the weather being crap), feels like I've spent most of my free time shoveling snow (definitely due to the weather being crap). Did I mention that the weather weather's been crap?

Luckily things aren't nearly as bad as all that. The right team won the Superbowl and some progress has been made on a trio of zombies. In keeping with PTS custom, a picture of my workspace:

Seen here are a doombringer from Studio 2 Publishing flanked by two Heresy zombies. For the purposes of the The Fiend Folio Project, they serve as a Revenant and two Coffer Corpses. In particular, the Studio 2 miniature's hooded cloak jibes well with Russ Nicholson's Revenant illustration from the FF.  

A more detailed WIP of the three as they now stand:

An earlier WIP of the Revenant with just the base colors laid down:

A 28mm pinkie; easily the smallest thing I've ever sculpted:

Right on cue it's started snowing again. No lie. Like I said, the weather's been crap.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

It's Go Time

Here follows a post largely unrelated to the miniature hobby. I beg your indulgence, dear reader.

Super Bowl XLVIII will shortly unfold a few miles from where I now sit. Through circumstances that defy rational explanation, this life-long New Jerseyian is also a life-long fan of a team from the other side of the continent: the Seattle Seahawks. Those same Seahawks are one of the two teams playing in said Super Bowl.

I go all the way back to the teams inception in '76 when I was a mere lad. Decades passed and the team never won it all. That changes tonight.


Tome of Horrors Complete II - More Monsters from the ToHC! -- Kicktraq Mini

While, this post is largely unrelated to the miniature hobby it isn't entirely unrelated. I'm backing CSM's TOH Complete II Kickstarter. Looks promising... 36 hours in and it's already hit its funding goal.