Saturday, July 25, 2015

PTS XI: Those Lowdown, Dirty, Bodak Blues

I'm back.

July has been something of a bust as far as painting/blogging goes. Can't let that continue. Here then are some WIP pics of the paint-table's current occupant: Fractured Dimensions' bodak.

Another gem from Paul Muller. That multi-horned skull-head is a thing of malevolent beauty.

The skin and kilt are pretty much done. Everything else (armor and leather mostly) needs further attention.

Chap-Stick: The official lip-balm of Minis by Finch

The Chap-Stick is used mostly for lubricating sculpting tools. Here the packaging serves as a reference when adjusting the picture's white-balance. The mini is mounted to a pin-vise which is mounted in turn to a Gatorade bottle.