Saturday, June 6, 2015

PTS IX: They Call me Schultz

It's time for another action-packed installment of Paint Table Saturday, campers. The paint table part and explanation of the Hogan's Heroes reference will follow shortly. First, some old business requires attention.

The Helping Hand Challenge, a year long undertaking initiated by Chris at Duke of the Blood Keep, joined by Ant Master at Deviant Designs Deeds and myself, is over. My final offering wasn't quite done when presented. That has been put right:


Little different from last time, I know. Just the face, base, and some touch-ups.

I painted nine of the intended twelve minis plus two that sneaked in uninvited. Whether or not that's a respectable performance is a matter best left to future miniature-painting historians. For now, I present the HHC class of 2014/15:

On to new business. Two perribos (a type of devil) from Fractured Dimensions are next in the paint queue. They're pictured below along with a couple possible skin-tones. After this test I'm leaning towards the greyish-pink. Regardless, their faces/heads may end up a different, pale color as a nod to the evil clown vibe these guys have goin' on.

Zomtober is only a few months away. (Hmm. That came out of left field. Where's he going with this? Let's read on.)

Between now and then I intend to focus almost exclusively on Fractured Dimensions miniatures, principally those from the IMotOP Kickstarter. There is a reason for this. I may not elaborate further.

To quote the good sergeant, "I know nothing. Nothing!".


  1. Bravo! Really great work.

  2. Your helping hands are stunning, Finch. Otherworld would be wise to make this collection the cover art for the box set. Really fantastic NMM and subtle, weathered colors. Grrrrrrreat!

    1. Thank you, VK. I'm very glad you like them.

      There's some competition for the box art I'd say :
      Scroll down. The henchmen are there.

      The skill level of the painter is absolutely bananas.

  3. Looking gorgeous Finch. keep at it they are fabulous paintjobs.

    1. Thank you, Simon. Three more and I'll have the whole box done. Don't think I've ever finished an entire box-set before.

  4. Oh my goodness ... that second last group shot ... it's seriously AMAZING!!! Absolutely beautiful and gorgeous painting. You colour choices always put me in a happy place.

  5. Excellent work Finch :) I particularly like the cape, the red stripe compliments the cream nicely. The group shot looks great! I hope the final three will manage to join them eventually :)

    The challenge was a lot of fun and it was good to see so many different takes on the same set of minis. So what's next then? Where do we go from here? Red Dragon? :P

    1. Thanks, Chris. I have the three OW minis and yet another interloper to do before I can put this project to bed. I'll try to get them done before the snow flies.

      No dragons for me I'm afraid. In the near term, I've committed to painting some demons and devils. Given my meteoric painting speed, I need to focus on that (with the possible exception of a Reaper Peryton that's based and screaming for attention) if I hope to accomplish much of anything.

      In the future some dungeon monsters to go with the henchmen/adventurers might be fun. Otyughs, mindflayers, gibbering mouthers, etc. Nasty things that have never seen, nor care to see, the sun.

      You could always jump in on Zomtober this year. Need equal representation for the FRPG community. Can't let the Zombie Apocalypse crowd have all the fun. :P

  6. Missed this first time round.
    Stunning, simply stunning dude!