Monday, May 27, 2013

Crunch Time

I have pledged on the Otherworld Miniatures forums to paint at least one OW miniature per month throughout 2013. I haven't missed a month yet but my on-time performance has been nothing to write home about.

Punctuality is not one of my virtues it seems (at least within the realm of miniature painting).

Pictured above are some minis intended for May & June (hoping to get a jump on next month). From left to right they are: a cleric/monk from Gamezone, a gnome from Center Stage, A medusa from OW, a demon from OW, and a cyclops from Heresy. The cleric/monk & demon will be paired up for May while the medusa and cyclops are meant for June. 

The gnome is the odd-man-out. (or is that odd-gnome-out?)

A great little Patrick Keith sculpt from the recently concluded Torn World Kickstarter. I removed his integral base and sculpted a replacement. A lot of detail in a confined space on this one. Should be fun.

Center Stage's current Tome of Horrors Complete campaign is picking up steam as it nears its end. The work of sculptor Drew Williams has been especially impressive. Check out these WIPs.

Nice. They may call them tsathars but they look like bullywugs to me. Hopefully CSM gives Mr Williams as much work as he can handle.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Fiend Folio On Kickstarter... Almost

Ah, Kickstarter. The perfect outlet for me to rid myself of unwanted cash.

I'm backing Center Stage Miniatures' current Tome of Horrors Complete Kickstarter campaign. I'm unfamiliar with the ToH series of books that serve as the source material, but seemingly the first volume is chock-full of refugees from the Fiend Folio and Monster Manual II. The prospect of some new minis of old Fiend Folio favorites (flumph included) is too good to pass up.

Some of the artwork appears to be re-interpretations of the originals, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. The before-and-after of the jaculi serves as an example: a fair difference between the two but I like them both.

I'm keeping a close eye on which sculptors will be involved on which minis and am mindful of the fact that I already have conversion projects in mind for some of the subjects involved (and I do like conversion projects).

This campaign has real potential. Definitely worth a look.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Meazel Muster

The meazels are done and ready for their moment in the sun (which from a meazel's perspective is not necessarily a good thing). I may be the world's slowest painter so this took longer than it should have, but things went smoothly enough and I'm pleased with the results.

To date I've shied away from painting anything that required metallics or NMM (swords, armor, etc). Given my preferred genre of miniatures, that's a problem. With these three I got the chance to try painting NMM copper using the techniques outlined in an excellent tutorial at Sprocket's Small World. I had to substitute a couple colors but wound up at my destination all the same. You know, I believe I could learn to like this NMM thing after all.


These guys are covered in pustules. Lots and lots of pustules. Angry red pustules to be precise. From previous adventures with red paint, I feared that painting red over green without first laying down some white would result in dull maroon pustules. Pustules are never a good thing, but the dull maroon variety should be avoided at all costs.

I avoided the white undercoat and tried highlighting with a mix of red and a flesh-tone as suggested on Laszlo Jakusovszky's DVD. Worked like a charm.

Now for some mug-shots: