Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Dretches 5, Dwarves 0

Continuing the sports reference, I've dropped the ball on this month's installment of the Helping Hand Challenge. The OW dwarf mercenary remains on the bench.

The Fractured Dimensions dretches that were first in the queue are done and pictured above. Great little minis. More on them, including some painting-in-progress pics, in a future post.

Be sure to check out the other HHC participants at Duke of the Blood Keep and Deviant Designs Deeds.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Dretch Test

I've painted one of the Fractured Dimensions Dretches as a test of the planned flesh-tone.  Sort of grey with yellowish green overtones. The result looks suitably unpleasant... almost waxy.

The markings on the hands and ears wound up a little more red than intended (almost like blood... not my intention). As demons are a chaotic bunch, I may vary the color, and possibly the location, of the markings on the other minis.

The paints used are shown below. Several different wash colors were used as well.

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Plodding Right Along

The travel brochure made no mention of this.
Limited progress is progress nonetheless. In that spirit I post many pictures and a few words on what currently occupies my paint-table. (The short version: lots of basing, experimenting with new materials, very little paint.)

New toys: mica flake gel & red oxide paste

Minis attached to bits of cork
Red oxide paste used to conceal tabs and texture cork
2nd mini from the right is not attached & will be painted separately
Grit, gesso, green stuff, & first use of mica flakes (fungal growths?)
And then there were five: guy on the right is a double from my KS rewards
A mouth full of metal
Mouth gouged out & a newly sculpted tongue
The view from the flip side
Testing to see if 25mm base will result in a top-heavy miniature
Extra ballast in the form of fishing sinkers
Mica flakes as leaf-litter and the return of the cockatrice
Left leg is shorter than the right, hence the Captain Morgan stance
More nearly forgotten minis resurface
For more info in using mica flake gel see James Wappel Miniature Painting and 28mm Victorian Warfare. I'm very pleased with the material so far but will reserve final judgement until I actually see what it looks like painted.

Speaking of which, it's time to get some paint on these guys. Peace.

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Paint Table Thursday: Grist to the Mill

On the Table: OW Dwarf, FD Dretches, & Reaper Peryton.

Yet another snowstorm has me stuck home today... Spring seems very far away indeed. I'm inside, out of the weather, prepping some minis.

Six minis to be precise. The OW Dwarf Mercenary is next up in the Helping Hand Challenge. The FD Dretches are the first of my IMotOP Kickstarter rewards to go under the brush, while the Reaper Peryton is a recent acquisition that is just too cool to languish on the lead pile.

The Peryton originally showed up as a Bones-only sculpt, which was a disappointment: I absolutely loath the material. Its release in metal is a welcome development and seemingly part of a trend which has seen some of Reaper's Bones-only minis get the pewter treatment. Hopefully this practice will continue.

A lot of unwanted metal in the mouth and a mold-seam over the fight eye needed extra attention.
The Dretches are Paul Muller sculpted gems; a huge amount of character in very small packages. Right now I'm toying with the idea of basing two of them on one 25mm base. The prospect of the smallest of the lot peering around his dumpy comrade's shoulder seems too good to pass up.

The Conventional Approach: Everybody Gets Their Own Base
What I'm Leaning Towards
Dumb & Dumber