Saturday, February 28, 2015

These Little Lights of Mine

March is nearly here and I'm scurrying to avoid a post-less February. To that end, I present my latest contributions to the Helping Hand Challenge: the lantern-bearer and linkboy.

This month should feature the dwarf from OW's Henchmen and Hirelings box set but I'm running a bit behind, I fear. The linkboy was "finished" last year but I was somewhat displeased with the result. With the lantern-bearer on the paint table, it seemed a good time to have a go at some OSL on both minis.

Glazing with Vallejo Clear Orange and Fluorescent Orange was used for the OSL. A good amount of the underlying colors were also added to these glazes to keep the effect from being too harsh.

The Flourescent Orange is pretty intense. Use judiciously.

I'm pleased with how things turned out, although the linkboy's left sleeve should probably be a bit darker.

The attentions of Chris over at Duke of the Blood Keep have understandably been elsewhere this month. To see the dwarf in all his glory be sure to check out Ant Master's efforts at Deviant Designs Deeds.