Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Medusa Make-Up Tips.

Otherworld Miniatures' medusa is complete. I started with a straightforward human skintone as opposed to something more reptilian (i.e. green). At the same time, I tried to avoid making the face in any way attractive. To that end, I broke a general rule of painting female faces and shaded with a cool color (purple). The result is suitably harsh and hollow-cheeked

For comparison's sake, this dwarf wizard shows a more conventional approach. The area below the cheekbones has been glazed with a warm color (orange) to achieve a fuller, healthier appearance.

Returning to the medusa, I used Reaper Bloodless Skin to highlight the flesh, hit the lower lip with a nearly white highlight to make it look glossy, and painted the eyes with a blue OSL effect.

The basecoat on the dress is the same purple used to shade the flesh (GW Naggathroth Night) , while the red belt and sandals are highlighted with the color used to basecoat the flesh (Vallejo Beige Red).