Monday, May 26, 2014

The Helping Hand Challenge

I am set to participate in The Helping Hand Challenge, created by Chris over at Duke of the Blood Keep (a top drawer blog if ever there was one). In short this entails painting all 12 minis from Otherworld Miniatures' DAB4 - Henchmen & Hirelings. The full skinny courtesy of The Duke is as follows:

    1. You must own the DAB4 Boxset
    2. You must own a blog
    3. You must paint one miniature a month in the order shown below
    4. You must post your results on the last day of each month
    5. You must include a link to each other participating blog
That’s it.
This is the order:
June Porter
July Mule Handler
August Mule
September Linkboy
October Scribe
November Pack Bearer
December Squire
January Lantern Bearer
February Dwarf Merc
March Crossbow Merc
April Spearman Merc
May Sergeant
(it’s also the order the minis appear on the card sleeve on the set) 

Mini-prepping has commenced, and the first is primed and ready for paint. I'll be making my own bases. In keeping with the product line's Dungeon Adventurers moniker, I intend to maintain a subterranean theme.

This all occurs as I try to get The Fiend Folio Project rolling again. Hopefully I can make headway here too.

Adherer and Porter... FF meets DAB4
Curious wire-like structures on chest (since removed)

Anyone else wishing to participate can leave a comment below or at Duke of the Blood Keep.


  1. Sounds fun! What a shame I don't have this set!

    1. The more the merrier, Simon. If you have some cash burning a hole in your pocket there's still time to pick 'em up ;) .

  2. Unfortunately, I can't participate, because I've yet to receive the rest of my minis from the Indiegogo campaign. Still waiting...

    1. I sympathize with you, Thomas. I'm still waiting on rewards from three other delayed crowd-funding projects. One of them, a series of painting DVDs (, would likely help with the henchmen as my previous attempts at NMM and OSL have been a bit dodgy.