Saturday, May 17, 2014

PTS IV: Up to my Old Tricks Again

Table? Check. Saturday? Check. Paint? Negatory.

What I "should" currently be working on are an Otherworld Miniatures' halfling fighter and his anthropomorphized badger sidekick (a 15mm mini from Splintered Light). They're based and ready for paint... have been for a while.

Are we ever gettin' a coat of paint, or what?

Instead, I find myself distracted by a couple shiny new geegaws with Fiend Folio Project written all over them. The first is a cerepod from Otherworld which conveniently looks just like Russ Nicholson's FF grell illustration. Eleven parts, all of which need to be pinned. (That's 20 holes that need to be drilled by my reckoning.) This might take a while.

Caution: carpel tunnel syndrome ahead

The second is a new release from Fenris. A little conversion work will be involved. A gold star goes to the first person to correctly identify the FF monster I'm shooting for based on the picture below.

A sword. A lovecraftesque mummy. A base with spiders.


  1. Yep I know that feeling I have a number of OW Adventurers to paint up just don't seem to be getting round to finishing or in most cases starting the blighters!

    Nice looking monsters shall look forward to them for certain.

    1. Thanks, Simon. The halfling is a great little mini. Hope I'm up to painting some NMM armor.

    2. @Simon - if you are looking for some motivation to paint up the Henchmen & Hirelings you could join Finch and I for our Helping Hand Challenge? :)

      @Finch - My googlefu is strong (took me less than 60 seconds) so my guess is the Adherer :P I'm also looking forward to the Halfling Badger combo, sounds fun!

    3. It is indeed an adherer (or will be if all goes to plan). Your google-fu has earned you a gold star.

  2. ooh ooh- can I guess either a Son of Kyuss or a Son of Gaxx (depending on just how old you are)? I think that they are normally associated with worms and not spiders, but the mummy parts work. :)

    The badger and Halfling pair are awesome. Can't wait to hear about them together on the table.

    1. A good guess, but regrettably incorrect. This guy does have an association with spiders.