Sunday, August 4, 2013

Nifty Shades of Grey

Ever wonder what a yellow-grey cyclops would look like?...  Me neither. Regardless, I have completed Heresy's cyclops in that very color.
This is my first Heresy mini; a great sculpt with multiple head options (assembly details here). Apart from its reduced size, which I prefer, the sculpt hits all the appropriate Harryhausen notes: goat-legs, hooves, horn, three-fingered hands.

The yellow-grey part of the equation was inspired by James Wappel's Blog and some recent experience gained with the color yellow in its non-desaturated form. 

The mini was basecoated Army Painter Ash Grey mixed with a small amount of P3 Sulfuric Yellow. Highlights were added by progressively adding more Sulfuric Yellow to the mix followed by Reaper Linen White. Shading utilized Army Painter Uniform Grey mixed with decreasing amounts of Sulfuric Yellow and ultimately a little GW Naggaroth Night.

Some WIP pictures:


I intended the club to be simply bone colored and painted it accordingly. Adequate but somewhat bland I felt.  In the end, I livened things up with some blood splatter. (In this case some should be read as considerable.)

A side-by-side with Otherworld's medusa and some more pictures of the finished product: