Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Medusa Make-Up Tips.

Otherworld Miniatures' medusa is complete. I started with a straightforward human skintone as opposed to something more reptilian (i.e. green). At the same time, I tried to avoid making the face in any way attractive. To that end, I broke a general rule of painting female faces and shaded with a cool color (purple). The result is suitably harsh and hollow-cheeked

For comparison's sake, this dwarf wizard shows a more conventional approach. The area below the cheekbones has been glazed with a warm color (orange) to achieve a fuller, healthier appearance.

Returning to the medusa, I used Reaper Bloodless Skin to highlight the flesh, hit the lower lip with a nearly white highlight to make it look glossy, and painted the eyes with a blue OSL effect.

The basecoat on the dress is the same purple used to shade the flesh (GW Naggathroth Night) , while the red belt and sandals are highlighted with the color used to basecoat the flesh (Vallejo Beige Red).



  1. Great work, the skin tones really brought out that creepy witchy face.

    1. Thanks ATOM. Due to some inside info from DrMike on the Otherworld forum, I can't look at that face now without seeing Sarah Jessica Parker. Evidently she was Kev White's reference when sculpting the green.