Sunday, May 5, 2013

Meazel Muster

The meazels are done and ready for their moment in the sun (which from a meazel's perspective is not necessarily a good thing). I may be the world's slowest painter so this took longer than it should have, but things went smoothly enough and I'm pleased with the results.

To date I've shied away from painting anything that required metallics or NMM (swords, armor, etc). Given my preferred genre of miniatures, that's a problem. With these three I got the chance to try painting NMM copper using the techniques outlined in an excellent tutorial at Sprocket's Small World. I had to substitute a couple colors but wound up at my destination all the same. You know, I believe I could learn to like this NMM thing after all.


These guys are covered in pustules. Lots and lots of pustules. Angry red pustules to be precise. From previous adventures with red paint, I feared that painting red over green without first laying down some white would result in dull maroon pustules. Pustules are never a good thing, but the dull maroon variety should be avoided at all costs.

I avoided the white undercoat and tried highlighting with a mix of red and a flesh-tone as suggested on Laszlo Jakusovszky's DVD. Worked like a charm.

Now for some mug-shots:




  1. Great work on these guys -- love the flesh tone and the icky boils!

    1. Thank you Chris.

      Icky Boils? Didn't he play for the Bengals back in the eighties?

  2. I've been trying to get a sense of the height of these guys but can't find any good pics of them next to a normal human-sized figure. Can you comment?

    Thanks for any help!