Saturday, September 27, 2014

PTS V: Multitasking Mayhem

Facts are facts... I'm a dreadfully slow painter. Taking on a single hobby project with a hard deadline can stretch my meager time management skills past their breaking point and I'm currently up to my armpits in three of the darned things. What was I thinking ;) ?

On the table:

Four Zombies and a Linkboy: The lost sequel to Three Men and a Baby

Project 1: The Helping Hand Challenge. This month's entry: the linkboy. Status: 50%. Due: Tuesday.

Project 2: Zomtober 2014. Status: four minis based and primed. Due: one mini each Sunday in October.

Project 3: Ahklut. Status: No progress since my last post. Due: hope to get it assembled and based ASAP to lend support to Paymaster Game's ongoing Kickstarter. Only eleven more days.

There's something you don't see every day. LINK


  1. Chop Chop then stay up all night if you have to! If I'm honest the kickstarter looks pretty cool but I'm put off by all the points vs money working out I just can't be bothered to look further into it. Anyway besides that I'm broke.

    1. The linkboy is in the rear-view mirror. The Ahklut's fate is uncertain. Full steam ahead on Zomtober.

  2. ARrgghhhh ... you are making me want to paint zombies ... must resist ... must resist .... .

    1. The Borgs' position regarding resistance may apply here.