Saturday, March 23, 2013

Shadow Demon Blues

The shadow demon is complete and The FF Project has gained another member:

(L to R) Blindheim, Shadow Demon, Forlarren
The mini allows a nice contrast between the very simple scheme on the actual demon and the abundance of color on the base. The colors used on the demon were Reaper Military Blue, P3 Frostbite, and GW Chaos Black.

The three-part WIP photo below shows the base in various stages of completion: A) black wash and grey/white drybrushing over grey primer,  B) the basic colors glazed on followed by some selectively applied washes, and C) highlights and some stronger shadows where needed.

Revisiting the construction of the base for a moment, the Reaper treasure mound was too large for the base until I reduced its size with my trusty motor tool. I had a pretty good idea of where the demon should be mounted and tried to work things out so that point wound up at the base's center. This required the removal of everything behind the chest. The resultant void was filled in with green stuff.

The coin-pile was extended to the front edge of the base with some stretched plastic sprue cut into disks and embedded in more green stuff. 

And finally a few more pics of the end result:


  1. Great work, I dig catching up on you blog every now and then. A very riteous project if ever I saw one. Your conversion work is very neat and professional. Nice enhancing paint job too. What's next?

    1. Thanks ATOM. For my part, I dig the fact that you and others enjoy my efforts along these lines. Gives me incentive to push the project forward.

      I'm taking it easy on myself with the next one: a modification-free Otherworld hook horror. Hope to submit it as this month's painting pledge entry.

      I'll get some WIP pics up on the OW forum shortly.

  2. Thanks mate, just saw it. Great work. The Fiend Folio needs love. All those diverse, wonderful yet sadly forgotten creatures.