Sunday, April 18, 2010

Troll Teaser

The two trolls offered by Otherworld are my current project. Progress has been slow but steady and they're just about ready for some paint. These minis are excellent sculpts, really have an old school feel, and offer a built in option for customization.

Each comes with two heads and seperate arms, all of which are designed to work equally well with the other model. I took advantage of this and used a head and both arms from troll I on troll II's body and vice-versa. Some filing and green stuff was needed in the end as I further altered the positioning of the arms. The use of wire pins at the shoulder joints helped to line everything up properly. Hopefully the resulting poses capture the essence of troll; one charging headlong into the fray and the other (pictured above) having just fixed his gaze on his next meal.

I'm still debating whether to go with a standard green color scheme or take a stab at the "putrid gray" mentioned in the first edition Monster Manual. While I"m trying to make up my mind, these WIP pictures may help to pass the time.

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