Thursday, July 31, 2014

The Man in the Lime-Checkered Hat

Where did that goldurnded mule get off to?

The last day of the month means it's time for the latest episode of the Helping Hand Challenge. July's subject is the mule handler. The mule seems to have wandered off but with a little luck he'll turn up in time for next month's installment.

The excellent work of the other participants can be seen at Duke of the Blood Keep and Deviant Designs Deeds.

With stitching...

and without

The conical (comical?) hat featured on this mini seemed a good place to play around with some freehand painting. I first removed the prominent stitching detail to provide a clear area to work on.  It took two attempts but I wound up with a pattern that mirrors the shield borne by the camera-shy mule.

Having settled on a gaudy hat that reflects his employer's coat of arms, it seemed appropriate to keep everything else subdued and grubby.

Coasters put to good use.

Tall base = long pin.

The bases mark my first attempt at using cork. A very useful material it seems. Also my first use of gesso (black in this case) which did an admirable job of preparing the cork to receive acrylic paint.

It's late, I'm tired, and I'm quickly running out of July. So, without further ado... some pictures: